Congress Surgical Associates

Congress Surgical Associates, Inc. is a highly respected and progressive Pasadena-based orthopedic group dedicated to quality patient care, cutting-edge research and comprehensive patient education.

Congress Associates began its relationship with the families of Pasadena and Greater San Gabriel Valley over 40 years ago. In 1961 C.W. Lambert, MD and his brother Ross Lambert, MD both Orthopedic surgeons, began their practice on Green Street in Pasadena. Establishing a pattern of hard work and commitment to their patients, they quickly became the physicians of choice for the community. Their practice and reputations grew to the point where they were in a position to attract applications from the best young surgeons.

In 1964, the Lamberts welcomed to their practice a new partner, George L. Mulfinger, MD who had established a reputation from his research. As well, Dr. Mulfinger had trained internationally on the new area of total joint replacement surgery.

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